• Alana Pignatiello

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

I am finally getting round to talking about my amazing Charlotte Tilbury collection!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed that I have developed a slight obsession with this brand. Over the years of being a makeup artist and makeup lover, I have tried most makeup brands out there. I have my old favourite products that i know and love but I am always trying new things to see if there is anything better. My professional kit is a mixture of many, many different brands. I only use what I love and know works for bridal makeup. It is difficult to find everything in one brand, until know! (well, almost everything!) It is very rare for me to be so taken by a single brand but Charlotte has stollen my makeup heart!

Now, bare in mind that I am writing this as a lover of BRIDAL makeup. A lover of NATURAL makeup. A lover of SOFT GLAM makeup. I am not a lover of full on, heavily contoured, face altering drag inspired makeup. Although I can see the art in it and I can appreciate it on someone else's face, it is not for me. This is why I love Charlotte Tilbury so much. Her makeup has been made out of a love for natural beauty! She says she wants her makeup to be; Easy to choose, Easy to use and Easy to gift. That is exactly what it is.

Makeup should be easy to use! You shouldn't need a degree to know how to apply a decent eye look or how to add dimension to your face! Her makeup feels amazingly luxurious and so, so simple to use. She has made it easy for woman who are not makeup artists to use her products.

I have loved everything I have tried but there are a few things that i want to make you aware of that I have discovered while using the products.

Legendary Volume Mascara: I have started with this because I am a mascara FREAK! I am always on the search to find the perfect mascara. I thought I had finally found it in this! It is practically perfect, however, it is not 100%. WHYYYYYYYYYYY? (said with a distressed face emoji)

Positives: It does make me look like I am wearing false lashes, literally! So many people have asked me if I'm wearing them! The wand takes a bit of getting used to but once I got used to it my lashes were amazing. So full and voluminous.

Nagatives: If I put it on my bottom lashes and I don't powder under my eyes before hand I get panda eyes. Not good if you don't set under your eyes. I have resorted to using it only on my top lashes and my Max Factor 2000 Calorie on the bottom lashes.

Hollywood Flawless Filter: This amazingly versatile product can be used as a primer under your foundation, a highlighter on top of your foundation, mixed with foundation or be worn on its own to give a radiant glow. I like to wear it under my foundation to make it look like my skin is glowing from within! I would use it on it's own if I am having a particularly good skin day and I just want a glow about me. It doesn't give any coverage but does even the skin out slightly.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder: The Flawless finish powder is so finely milled you hardly notice it going on. I only apply it to the areas I feel I might go shiny throughout the day, i.e. my T-zone and I also apply a little under my eyes. It gives a blurring effect to the skin and has light reflecting particles that actually photograph beautifully! It does give makeup a flawless finish.

Quad Eye Palettes: I have three of these; The Golden Goddess, The Glamour Muse and Exaggereyes. These are absolutely perfect bridal eye shadows. The shadows have a creamy texture to them and glide across the eye lid. They are so simple to use as Charlotte has included instructions on the back telling you in what order to apply the shadows. Each palette has 4 shadows, a prime shade, an enhance shade, a smoke shade (or define shade) and a pop shade. The pop shade is what I like to called "Grown up Sparkle" and it is best applied with your finger. One thing that the CT crew say is that the prime shade should act like a primer for your eye and that you don't need an additional eye primer. I however disagree here. I have tried all three palettes without using an eye primer and each and every time, I don't feel like the shadow lasts as long and also that the shadows crease. If I apply a primer first, they stay all day and do not budge! No creasing! So, my advice would be to use a primer first. Exaggereyes is my favourite! I have had this on most days since I bought it. It is so natural. Some days I'll only use the Primer and enhance shade to keep it really natural.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow: Fast becoming my favourite product! The Bronze or sculpt shade is the perfect bronzer colour as it is a cool tone. There is no way of applying so much that you go orange! Charlotte says "Follow the hollow" when applying this product. I like to apply it just under my cheekbones, hairline and jawline for a perfectly natural sculpted look. The Glow colour can then be applied to the high points of your face to bring them out more, so focus on the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone. Also the centre of your nose if you like that look.

Magic Foundation: Before I go into the claims of this foundation I will tell you what I make of it! It gives full, flawless coverage that lasts all day. If applied heavily I would say it is along the same lines as Estee Lauder Double wear but nicer. If applied lightly, it can be sheer but with a matte finish. As I personally like very natural coverage, even at its lightest application, it is too much for me and too matte. I am going to try The Light Wonder Foundation next as that is a much lighter textured foundation with a more natural, dewy finish.

This Magic foundation is perfect for Bridal makeup though as it is long lasting, gives good coverage which can go from light to heavy coverage and looks great in photographs. I found mixing it with the Hollywood Flawless Filter made it into an amazing Bridal foundation with a dewier look.

It claims to reduce appearance of age spots and acne after a period of time but as I suffer from neither I can't confirm or deny this. I will say it would be good for anyone that wants to cover rosacea, large pores or acne as you can build it up to some serious coverage. It also has SPF in it which is good. It used to be said that you had to steer clear of SPF foundation for flash photography but can I tell you something? EVERY SINGLE FOUNDATION I USE ON BRIDES HAS SPF IN IT AND NEVER ANY HORRENDOUS FLASHBACK!!!!!!! My beautiful bride's pictures speak for themselves.

Lipsticks: I have a few of the lipsticks, Coachella Coral, Stoned Rose, Very Victoria and Pillow talk. The first two are a creamier consistency and the last two are Matte. They are all gorgeous textures and the matte ones aren't so matte that they feel dry. They still feel creamy even though they have a matte finish. Very Victoria is the shade that Meghan Markle is rumoured to have used as her wedding lipstick! If it's good enough for a Princes, it's good enough for me. The ones I have are all perfect bridal shades!

Overall, I am in love with Charlotte Tilbury makeup and will 100% be adding to my collection monthly! Roll on payday!

Remember what Charlotte says: "Easy to choose, easy to use and easy to gift" so if any of you want to get me a gift, you know where to go! wink wink. xxx