• Alana Pignatiello

Hello! Welcome!


Welcome to my new blog! Thank you for being here.

I have started this, along with my new Instagram page Gloss Educate, to help everyone out there who struggles with makeup and hair. I take for granted that people know how to do even the most basic things in makeup and hair but the reality is, they don't. I want to help you understand makeup and how to do it well. I want to make it easy for you and it's only easy when you know how! So, get ready to learn!

I will be giving advice on products and tools I use and love as well as reviewing new products.

As well as makeup, hair and teaching, another thing I love and spend a lot of time at is..... WEDDINGS!

I get asked constantly to recommend everything from photographers to florists to venues to dress shops! Brides talk a lot about their experiences with these things at their trials and on their wedding day, there isn't much I don't know about weddings! It makes sense for me to write about some of the fabulous weddings I have had the privilege to work at and also tell you about the amazing vendors I have worked with and would recommend. Hopefully, if you are getting married in the not so distant future, you will find some inspiration here for your big day!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and that you get some use out of these Blogs.

Thank you!

Alana xxx

Please feel free to leave a comment about things you would find helpful to know or learn. May I request you keep it relevant and positive. No negativty please!xxx